Pediatric Chiropractic 


Did you know that many health, especially spine related issues as an adult begin in early childhood? Some as early as the birthing process. Your child deserves the best chance to express health and to build a solid foundation for wellness. Chiropractic throughout pregnancy, birth and childhood is safe and effective for both mom and baby!  Research has shown vast improvements in many ailments ranging from improving behavioral issues, sleeping, poor breastfeeding, ear infections, colic, decreased immune system, as well as many neurological issues.

With the growing concern of over prescriptions, and their safety for both short and long term use trying a natural approach would best benefit your child. As Chiropractors we have seen results with children suffering from hyperactivity, attention deficit, autism, impulsivity, ADHD or ADD.  Children of all sensory integration issues are in constant fight or flight mode.  Parents often find it difficult to communicate, touch or even calm their children down without realizing that the reason the child is acting out is because their nervous system is over stimulated. The child is left unable to focus on one task at a time. Numerous studies have shown children under care for ADHD had a huge reduction of symptoms as well as decreased medication use.  Chiropractic isn’t only necessary for children with emotional challenges. As children begin to participate in normal activities such as bike riding, running, and watching TV, small spinal changes can occur and accrue over time. Children stressing their bodies with extracurricular activities also benefit from Chiropractic check ups.  Injuries to the spine are not only unique to contact sports such as football and martial arts, you can also expect to see them in activities such as cheerleading, and gymnastics.  A study done by T.K Videman titled Connective tissue and immobilization, key factors in musculoskeletal degeneration showed any slight hypomobility due to trauma can create spinal degeneration in as little as 5-7 days. Any Joint fixation for a period of 5 weeks has shown a need for at least 18 months of care to return to optimal function*. The sooner we as chiropractors can care for children and correct subluxations the less likely they are to create harmful health patterns. (Videman T. Connective tissue and immobilization. Key factors in musculoskeletal degeneration? Clin Orthop 1987 (221)26-32 / Medline ID 87274475)

Chiropractic care for adults is important, but Chiropractic care for children is vital. Chiropractors who deal with children modify the adjustment to fit the size, weight and spinal condition for each child. Since significant spinal trauma can occur at birth, many parents have their newborns checked right away. It is important to understand that we as chiropractors do not treat conditions or diseases. We check the spine for misalignments that would impair the child’s nervous system therefore affecting overall body function.  The nervous system which is an extension of the brain is protected by the spine (vertebrae) it carries information for all systems including circulatory, respiratory, digestive, hormonal as well as the immune system. Any interference from spinal subluxations would reduce the body’s ability to function at it’s full capacity.

As a society we are learning to become more aware and involved in taking care of our selves. We need to not only strive to eat better, exercise and move more but also to maintain a healthy spine to achieve balanced health.

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